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Wood Flooring

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Wood flooring has always been one of the most popular flooring options. It can be used in every room of your home and will add beauty and elegance. While there are many cheaper alternatives that can simulate a hardwood floor, there really is nothing like having a real hardwood floor in your home. BCS Flooring Contractors provides hardwood floor installation, maintenance and repair services in Bryan-College Station. We can install hardwood floors in your new construction or your existing home. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today if you are interested in our wood flooring services.

Types of Wood Flooring                                                                      

Wood floors are one of the oldest flooring materials. They provide a classic and elegant style that can look great in any style home. The most common hardwoods used in flooring are oak, walnut, hickory, maple and cherry. Hardwood floors come in solid and engineered wood. Solid hardwood floors are boards made from a single piece of wood. Engineered wood floors are made of multiple thin layers of wood and resin and then topped with a hardwood. Our team can help you choose the perfect wood floor for your home and visual aesthetic.

Benefits of Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a great way to add beauty and elegance to any home. A new wood floor can also increase the value of your home. Solid hardwood floors can be refinished and will last for decades. Engineered hardwood floors are easier to install and you don’t need a subfloor to install them. We offer unfinished and prefinished hardwood floors. This will make choosing the perfect style and color for your floor easier. If you’re still not sure what type of wood flooring is best for your home, we can help. Our design team can help you choose the perfect style of wood floor that will meet your needs and budget.

Hardwood Species

Which hardwood is right for your home? Oak comes in red oak and white oak. Red oak is a warmer tint while white oak provides a greyish tone. Cherry is a darker colored wood that can have a beautiful grain. Walnut offers a straight grain patter and deep tones. Walnut is best used in lighter traffic areas of a home. Hickory is one of our most durable options and can be used in high traffic areas. It provides a beige color with reddish tints. Maple is a lighter color wood and is often used in contemporary homes.

Wood Floor Repair and Maintenance

Over time, event the toughest wood will suffer from wear and tear. You may notice scuffs, scratches and gouges on your floor. Other damage such as warping or water damage are more serious. Our team is available today to beautify and repair your old, worn wood floors. BCS Flooring Contractors provides repairs and maintenance for all types of wood floors. We offer fast and affordable repair solutions that will have your floors looking amazing in no time. Feel free to call our customer service team today if you need your floors repaired.

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